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Assisted Living Facility in Penn Laird, Virgina

The owners have 35 years of experience with serving quality elderly care for their community.

Willow Estates Retirement is a licensed assisted and intense assisted living facility. Our staff is certified, experienced, and well-trained health care providers, that assist our residents with any daily living activities required, which include: Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Shaving, Hair Care and Nails.
Doctor helping elderly man with walker outdoors - Nursing Home in Penn Liard, VA
Staff training and certifications also includes: Medication Management, C.P.R., First Aid, and using Defibrillators.

Our facility completes an individualized service plan on each resident following admission. The service plan details personalized care required, is guaranteed, and is updated regularly to assure that the resident receives appropriate care.
Willow Estates exists to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing homes. We were not only designed to meet the needs of elderly people who are capable of self-care, but we were also designed to meet the physical, emotional, and safety needs of elderly people experiencing memory problems as well as confusion (Dementia and Alzheimers Disease).

Our facility sets out among the all the rest because of the beautiful scenic views, the layout of our facility, and we are off from Interstate 33 East, to ensure the safety of our residents. Our facility is convenient due to the short distance to shopping and restaurants. In addition, we are in a serene and quiet location.

We are sure that after your visit to our establishment, you will be assured that Willow Estates Retirement is equipped, staffed, and trained to meet all of the daily living needs you or your family members deserve.

We are located at 180 Titus Drive, Penn Laird, VA. We are just 2 miles east of the Valley Mall in Harrisonburg, VA. Give us a call today at 540-574-0059.